Siegmund Brandt

Siegmund Brandt
Physics Department
Siegen University
D-57068 Siegen

phone: +49 (0)271 740 3797
fax: + 49 (0)271 740 3804
room: EN-B 105
building: Emmy-Noether-Campus, Walter-Flex Str. 3

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1936 in Berlin. Diploma 1959 and Ph.D. 1963 under Wolfgang Paul at Bonn University. Staff member at CERN 1962-65. Privatdozent at Heidelberg University 1966-72. Professor of Physics at Siegen University since 1972, member of the Foundation Senate 1972-80, Professor Emeritus since 2001. Chairman, Particle Physics Section, German Physical Society 1986-89. Chairman, Scientific Council, DESY 1990-93. Member, Scientific-Technical Council, Research Center Julich 1982-2002. Foreign Member, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2011.


Research Activities

  • Experimental Particle Physics
  • Data Analysis
  • Quantum Mechanics (with H.D. Dahmen, E. Gjonaj and T. Stroh)
  • History of Physics

Publications in Journals

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