Preprints 2020 

 SI-HEP-2020-20 Inverse moment of the Bs-meson distribution amplitude from QCD sum rule
 Author:   Alexander Khodjamirian, Rusa Mandal and Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2020-19 Challenges in Semileptonic B Decays
 Author:   P. Gambino, A.S. Kronfeld , M. Rotondo, C. Schwanda, F. Bernlochner, A. Bharucha, C. Bozzi, M. Calvi, L. Cao, G. Ciezarek, C.T.H. Davies, A.X. El-Khadra, S. Hashimoto, M. Jung, A. Khodjamirian, Z. Ligeti, E. Lunghi, V. Luth, T. Mannel, S. Meinel, · G. Paz, S. Schacht, S. Simula, W. Sutcliffe and A. Vaquero Avil´es-Casco
 SI-HEP-2020-18 Three-Body Non-Leptonic Heavy-to-heavy B Decays at NNLO in QCD
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Javier Virto, Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2020-17 Accessing fs/fd fragmentation with precision predictions of B(s)0 → D(s)+ π-, K-
 Author:   Marzia Bordone, Nico Gubernari, Tobias Huber, Martin Jung, Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2020-16 The full angle-dependence of the four-loop cusp anomalous dimension in QED
 Author:   R. Brüser, C. Dlapa, J. M. Henn, K. Yan
 SI-HEP-2020-15 The pion light-cone distribution amplitude from the pion electromagnetic form factor
 Author:   Shan Cheng, Alexander Khodjamirian, and Aleksey V. Rusov
 SI-HEP-2020-14 Renormalisation Scale Setting for D-mixing
 Author:   Alexander Lenz, Maria Laura Piscopo, and Christos Vlahos
 SI-HEP-2020-13 Phenomenology of inclusive B→ Xs l+ l- for the Belle II era
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Tobias Hurth, Jack Jenkins, Enrico Lunghi, Qin Qin, Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2020-12 Feeble neutrino portal dark matter at neutrino detectors
 Author:   Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay, Eung Jin Chun and Rusa Mandal
 SI-HEP-2020-11 Generic dijet soft functions at two-loop order: uncorrelated emissions
 Author:   Guido Bell, Rudi Rahn, Jim Talbert
 SI-HEP-2020-10 The role of right-handed neutrinos in b → c τ ν anomalies
 Author:   Rusa Mandal, Clara Murgui, Ana Pe nuelas and Antonio Pich
 SI-HEP-2020-09 Heavy Quark Expansion for Heavy Hadron Lifetimes: Completing the 1/mb3
 Author:   Th. Mannel, D. Moreno, and A. A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2020-08 Higgs-Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian: One-Loop Renormalization Group Equations
 Author:   G. Buchalla, O. Cata, A. Celis, M. Knecht, C. Krause
 SI-HEP-2020-07 Approximate four loop QCD corrections to the Higgs-boson production cross section
 Author:   Goutam Das, Sven-Olaf Moch, Andreas Vogt
 SI-HEP-2020-06 CP Violation in Multibody B decays: A model ansatz
 Author:   Thomas Mannel, Kevin Olschewsky, K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2020-05 The Four-Loop Cusp Anomalous Dimension from the N=4 Sudakov Form Factor
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Andreas von Manteuffel, Erik Panzer, Robert M. Schabinger, Gang Yang
 SI-HEP-2020-04 Factorization for N-Jettiness in the τ1 ∼ τ0 region.
 Author:   Goutam Das, Lais Schunk, Frank J. Tackmann
 SI-HEP-2020-03 Resummed inclusive cross-section in Randall-Sundrum model at NNLO+N3LL
 Author:   Goutam Das, M. C. Kumar, Kajal Samanta
 SI-HEP-2020-02 Soft-virtual cross section and threshold resummation for n-colourless particles to N3LO in QCD
 Author:   Taushif Ahmed, A. H. Ajjath, Goutam Das, Pooja Mukherjee, V. Ravindran
 SI-HEP-2020-01 Resummed inclusive cross-section in ADD model at N3LL+NNLO
 Author:   Goutam Das, M. C. Kumar, Kajal Samanta

Preprints 2019  

 SI-HEP-2019-25 Non-leptonic B-decays at two loops in QCD factorisation
 Author:   G. Bell, M. Beneke, T. Huber, X.-Q. Li
 SI-HEP-2019-24 Completing the four-body contributions to B→ Xs γ at NLO
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Lars-Thorben Moos
 SI-HEP-2019-23 Resummed Drell-Yan cross-section at N3LL
 Author:   Ajjath A H, Goutam Das, M. C. Kumar, Pooja Mukherjee, V. Ravindran, Kajal Samanta
 SI-HEP-2019-22 τ → μμμ at a rate of one out of 1014 tau decays?
 Author:   P. Blackstone, M. Fael, E. Passemar
 SI-HEP-2019-21 Soft corrections to inclusive deep-inelastic scattering at four loops and beyond
 Author:   Goutam Das, Sven-Olaf Moch, Andreas Vogt
 SI-HEP-2019-20 Heavy-Quark Expansion for Bs→ D(*)s Form Factors and Unitarity Bounds beyond the SU(3)F Limit
 Author:   Marzia Bordone, Nico Gubernari, Martin Jung, Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2019-19 On the axial and pseudoscalar contribution to the muon hadronic light-by-light
 Author:   Luigi Cappiello, Oscar Cata, Giancarlo D'Ambrosio, David Greynat and Abhishek Iyer
 SI-HEP-2019-18 Angular analysis of B → D2* (→ D π) l ν decay and new physics
 Author:   Rusa Mandal
 SI-HEP-2019-17 Two-loop non-leptonic penguin amplitude in QCD factorization
 Author:   G. Bell, M. Beneke, T. Huber, X.-Q. Li
 SI-HEP-2019-16 Model-independent bounds on new physics effects in non-leptonic tree-level decays of B-mesons
 Author:   Alexander Lenz, Gilberto Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi
 SI-HEP-2019-15 Three-loop soft function for heavy-to-light quark decays
 Author:   Robin Brüser, Ze Long Liu, Maximilian Stahlhofen
 SI-HEP-2019-14 Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous moment
 Author:   Stefan Groote, Thomas Mannel, and Alexei A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2019-13 Effective Theory Approach to New Physics with Flavour: General Framework and a Leptoquark Example
 Author:   Marzia Bordone, Oscar Cata, Thorsten Feldmann
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2019-12 Chiral Condensates in Massless QCD and the U(1)A Boson Mass
 Author:   Thomas Mannel and Alexei A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2019-11 Light-Cone Sum Rules for B → K π Form Factors and Applications to Rare Decays
 Author:   Sébastien Descotes-Genon, Alexander Khodjamirian, Javier Virto
 SI-HEP-2019-10 QCD corrections to inclusive heavy hadron weak decays at Λ QCD3 /mQ3
 Author:   Thomas Mannel and Alexei A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2019-09 Long distance effects in inclusive rare B decays and phenomenology of B→ Xd l+l-
 Author:   Tobias Hurth, Enrico Lunghi, Jack Jenkins, Qin Qin, K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2019-08 Theory determination of B->D(*)l nu form factors at O(1/mc2)
 Author:   Marzia Bordone, Martin Jung and Danny van Dyk
 SI-HEP-2019-07 Heavy quark expansion for inclusive charm decays
 Author:   Matteo Fael, Thomas Mannel, K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2019-06 Vcb from inclusive b → c decays: an alternative method
 Author:   Matteo Fael
 Comments: Proceedings Moriond 2019 QCD
 SI-HEP-2019-05 chiral effective theories with a light scalar at one loop
 Author:   Oscar Cata and Christoph Mueller
 SI-HEP-2019-04 Leptonic decays of the tau lepton
 Author:   Matteo Fael
 SI-HEP-2019-03 Linking Lepton Number Violation to B Anomalies
 Author:   Oscar Cata and Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2019-02 Heavy neutrino searches at future Z-factories
 Author:   Jian-Nan Ding, Qin Qin and Fu-Sheng Yu
 SI-HEP-2019-01 Progress and Challenges in the study of direct CP violation and γ determinations: CKM 2018 working group V summary
 Author:   S. Perazzini, M. Sevoir and K.K. Vos

Preprints 2018  

 SI-HEP-2018-38 Muon-electron scattering at NNLO: the hadronic corrections
 Author:   Matteo Fael, Massimo Passera
 SI-HEP-2018-37 Generic dijet soft functions at two-loop order: correlated emissions
 Author:   Guido Bell, Rudi Rahn and Jim Talbert
 SI-HEP-2018-36 Inclusive weak decays of heavy hadrons: strong corrections to the ρD/mQ3 term at NLO
 Author:   Thomas Mannel and Alexei A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2018-35 Vcb determination from inclusive b → c decays: an alternative method
 Author:   Matteo Fael, Thomas Mannel and K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2018-34 Dynamical Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics and the Form of the Potential
 Author:   Markus Suta and Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2018-33 Exclusive Top Threshold Matching at Lepton Colliders
 Author:   Jürgen Reuter, Bijan Chokouf'e Nejad, Andre Hoang, Wolfgang Kilian
 Comments: Contribution to proceedings of ICHEP 2018
 SI-HEP-2018-32 Parallel Computation with the Monte Carlo Generator WHIZARD
 Author:   Simon Braß, Wolfgang Kilian and Jürgen Reuter.
 SI-HEP-2018-31 NLO prediction for the decays τ → ll'l'νν and μ → eeeνν
 Author:   Matteo Fael
 SI-HEP-2018-30 Z→π+π-, K+K-: a touchstone of the PQCD approach
 Author:   Shan Cheng and Qin Qin
 SI-HEP-2018-29 The phenomenology of electric dipole moments in models of scalar leptoquarks
 Author:   W. Dekens, J. de Vries, M. Jung, and K.K. Vos
 SI-HEP-2018-28 Hadronic corrections to μ-e scattering at NNLO with space-like data
 Author:   Matteo Fael
 SI-HEP-2018-27 Multi-Higgs Production and Unitarity in Vector-Boson Fusion at Future Hadron Colliders
 Author:   Wolfgang Kilian, Sichun Sun, Qi-Shu Yan, Xiaoran Zhao, Zhijie Zhao
 SI-HEP-2018-26 Automated Calculation of N-jet Soft Functions
 Author:   Guido Bell, Bahman Dehnadi, Tobias Mohrmann and Rudi Rahn
 SI-HEP-2018-25 Theory of CP violation in B decays
 Author:   K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2018-24 A Bi-Directional Big Bang / Crunch Universe within a Two-State-Vector Quantum Mechanics?
 Author:   Fritz W. Bopp
 Comments: Found Phys (2018) (10 pages, 1 figure)
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2018-23 Revisiting B → ππ l ν at large dipion masses
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann, Danny van Dyk and K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2018-22 Five-particle contributions to the inclusive rare B → Xs(d)   l+l- decays
 Author:   Tobias Huber, Qin Qin and K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2018-21 Precision EW and QCD calculations for the FCC-ee-Z collider project: Status and prospects
 Author:   A. Blondel, S. Jadach, P. Janot, T. Riemann, T. Huber et al.
 SI-HEP-2018-20 Discovery potential of stable and near-threshold doubly heavy tetraquarks at the LHC
 Author:   Ahmed Ali, Qin Qin, Wei Wang
 SI-HEP-2018-19 e+e- angularity distributions at NNLL' accuracy
 Author:   Guido Bell, Andrew Hornig, Christopher Lee, Jim Talbert
 SI-HEP-2018-18 Exploring B→ππ, π K Decays at the High-Precision Frontier
 Author:   Robert Fleischer,Ruben Jaarsma, Eleftheria Malami and K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2018-17 Transversal Modes and Higgs Bosons in Electroweak Vector-Boson Scattering at the LHC
 Author:   S. Brass, C. Fleper, W. Kilian, J. Reuter, M. Sekulla
 SI-HEP-2018-16 Two-loop anomalous dimensions of generic dijet soft functions
 Author:   Guido Bell, Rudi Rahn and Jim Talbert
 SI-HEP-2018-15 Single production of vector-like quarks with large width at the Large Hadron Collider
 Author:   Alexandra Carvalho, Stefano Moretti, Dermot O’Brien, Luca Panizzi and Hugo Prager
 SI-HEP-2018-14 Prospects of discovering stable double-heavy tetraquarks at a Tera-Z factory
 Author:   Ahmed Ali, Alexander Ya. Parkhomenko, Qin Qin, Wei Wang
 Comments: arXiv:1805.02535
 SI-HEP-2018-13 B0-B0 mixing: matching to HQET at NNLO
 Author:   Andrey G. Grozin, Thomas Mannel and Alexei A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2018-12 On the decays B → K(*)+leptonium
 Author:   Matteo Fael and Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2018-11 NNLO QCD corrections to the polarized top quark decay t(polarized) → Xb+W+
 Author:   A. Czarnecki, S. Groote, J.G. Körner, and J.H. Piclum
 SI-HEP-2018-10 Monte Carlo Top Quark Mass Calibration
 Author:   Bahman Dehnadi, André H. Hoang, Vicent Mateu, Moritz Preisser, Iain W. Stewart
 Comments: Talk presented at the 13th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections (RADCOR 2017), St. Gilgen, Austria, 24-29 September 2017. 7 pages, 1 figure
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2018-09 Crawling technicolor
 Author:   Oscar Cata, Rod Crewther and Lewis Tunstall
 SI-HEP-2018-08 Causal Classical Physics in Time Symmetric Quantum Mechanics
 Author:   Fritz W. Bopp
 Comments: Execetive summary TP1 seminar: Particle Physics meets Quantum Optics, Published in Proceedings of the 4th International Electronic Conference on Entropy and Its Applications, Basel, Switzerland, (
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2018-07 Exclusive top production at a Linear Collider at and off the threshold
 Author:   Jürgen Reuter, Fabian Bach, Bijan Chokoufé Nejad, Andre Hoang, Wolfgang Kilian, Jonas Lindert, Stefano Pozzorini, Maximilian Stahlhofen, Thomas Teubner, Christian Weiss
 SI-HEP-2018-06 New Developments in WHIZARD Version 2.6
 Author:   S. Brass, W. Kilian, T. Ohl, V. Rothe, J. Reuter, P. Stienemeier, M. Utsch
 SI-HEP-2018-05 Characterising Dark Matter Interacting with Extra Charged Leptons
 Author:   D. Barducci, A. Deandrea, S. Moretti, L. Panizzi, H. Prager
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2018-04 Closing in on the radiative weak chiral couplings
 Author:   L. Cappiello, O. Cata and G. D'Ambrosio
 SI-HEP-2018-03 Soft-gluon and Coulomb corrections to hadronic top-quark pair production beyond NNLO
 Author:   Jan Piclum and Christian Schwinn
 SI-HEP-2018-02 Reparameterization Invariance and Partial Resummations of the Heavy Quark Expansion
 Author:   Thomas Mannel and Keri K. Vos
 Comments: Published in JHEP 1806 (2018) 115
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2018-01 Automated Calculation of Dijet Soft Functions in the Presence of Jet Clustering Effects
 Author:   Guido Bell, Rudi Rahn and Jim Talbert

Preprints 2017  

 SI-HEP-2017-28 Towards New Frontiers with B→π K Decays
 Author:   R. Fleischer, R. Jaarsma, K.K.Vos
 SI-HEP-2017-27 A New Strategy to Extract φs from Bs → K+ K-
 Author:   K. K. Vos
 Comments: Proceedings Moriond QCD 2017
 SI-HEP-2017-26 The Sudakov form factor at four loops in maximal super Yang-Mills theory
 Author:   R. Boels, T. Huber, G. Yang
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2017-25 Charged lepton flavor violating Higgs decays at the CEPC
 Author:   Qin Qin, Qiang Li, Cai-Dian Lu, Fu-Sheng Yu, Si-Hong Zhou
 Comments: arXiv:1711.07243
 SI-HEP-2017-24 Testing Lepton Universality in Semileptonic Λb → Λc* Decays
 Author:   Philipp Böer, Marzia Bordone, Elena Graverini, Gino Isidori, Patrick Owen, Nicola Serra, Danny van Dyk and Marcello Rotondo
 SI-HEP-2017-23 Effective Field Theories for Heavy Quarks: Heavy Quark Effective Theory and Heavy Quark Expansion
 Author:   Thomas Mannel
 Comments: Lecture series given at the 2017 Les Houches School, Les Houches, July 20th to 25th, 2017
 SI-HEP-2017-22 Complete One-Loop Renormalization of the Higgs-Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian
 Author:   Gerhard Buchalla, Oscar Cata, Alejandro Celis, Marc Knecht and Claudius Krause
 SI-HEP-2017-21 Semileptonic bottom hadron decays and the determination of Vcb and Vub
 Author:   Robert Kowalewski (Univ. of Victoria, Canada) and Thomas Mannel
 SI-HEP-2017-20 Matching NLL threshold resummation with fixed-order NLO QCD for differential top-pair production
 Author:   F. Bach, B. Chokoufe Nejad, A. H. Hoang, W. Kilian, J. Reuter, M. Stahlhofen, T. Teubner, C. Weiss
 SI-HEP-2017-19 Lepton flavour violation in a Pati-Salam model with gauged flavour symmetr
 Author:   Paul Moch
 SI-HEP-2017-18 Two-loop binding corrections to the electron gyromagnetic factor
 Author:   Andrzej Czarnecki, Matthew Dowling, Jan Piclum, and Robert Szafron
 SI-HEP-2017-17 Sharp spectral features from light dark matter decay via gravity portals
 Author:   Oscar Catà, Alejandro Ibarra and Sebastian Ingenhütt
 SI-HEP-2017-16 Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector
 Author:   LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group (D. de Florian et al.)
 Comments: published in CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs Volume 2/2017 (CERN--2017--002-M); with contributions by W.Kilian and M.Sekulla
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2017-15 CP Violation in Multibody B Decays from QCD Factorization
 Author:   Rebecca Klein, Thomas Mannel, Javier Virto, K. Keri Vos
 SI-HEP-2017-14 Probing pion distribution amplitude with data on the timelike pion form factor
 Author:   Shan Cheng, Alexander Khodjamirian and Aleksey V. Rusov
 SI-HEP-2017-13 B0- B0 mixing: towards NNLO matching analysis
 Author:   Andrey G. Grozin, Thomas Mannel, Alexei A. Pivovarov
 SI-HEP-2017-12 Direct CP asymmetry in D→ π-π+ and D→ K-K+ in QCD-based approach
 Author:   Alexander Khodjamirian and Alexey A. Petrov
 Comments: Published in Phys.Lett. B774 (2017) 235-242
 SI-HEP-2017-11 D0-D0  mixing parameter y in the factorization-assisted topological-amplitude approach
 Author:   Hua-Yu Jiang, Fu-Sheng Yu, Qin Qin, Hsiang-nan Li, Cai-Dian Lu
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2017-10 Four-Loop Nonplanar Cusp Anomalous Dimension in N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory
 Author:   R. Boels, T. Huber, G. Yang
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2017-09 D → ρ l+l- Decays in the QCD Factorization Approach
 Author:   Thorsten Feldmann, Bastian Müller, Dirk Seidel
 Comments: 40 pages, 12 figures
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2017-08 Spontaneous CP violation in multi-Higgs potentials with triplets of (3n2) and (6n2)
 Author:   Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas, Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn, Thomas Neder
 SI-HEP-2017-07 Higher-Twist Effects in Light-Cone Sum Rule for the B → π Form Factor
 Author:   Aleksey V. Rusov
 Comments: Published in Eur.Phys.J. C77 (2017) no.7, 442
 SI-HEP-2017-06 Minima of multi-Higgs potentials with triplets of (3n2) and (6 n2)
 Author:   Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas, Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn, Thomas Neder
 SI-HEP-2017-05 New Physics in Multi-Higgs Boson Final States
 Author:   W. Kilian, S. Sun, Q.S. Yan, X. Zhao, Z. Zhao
 Comments: published as JHEP 1706 (2017) 145
 Abstract  -
 SI-HEP-2017-04 Time Symmetric Quantum Mechanics and Causal Classical Physics ?
 Author:   Fritz W. Bopp
 Comments: Foundations of Physics: Volume 47, Issue 4 (2017) , Page 490 (Springer), writeup of TP1 seminar: Particle Physics meets Quantum Optics
 Abstract  -  [PDF]  -  arXiv:1604.04231
 SI-HEP-2017-03 Bs→ K lνl and B(s) → π (K) l+l- at large recoil and CKM matrix elements
 Author:   Alexander Khodjamirian and Aleksey V. Rusov
 Comments: Published in JHEP 1708 (2017) 112
 SI-HEP-2017-02 Timelike-helicity B→ππ form factors from light-cone sum rules with dipion distribution amplitudes
 Author:   Shan Cheng, Alexander Khodjamirian, and Javier Virto
 Comments: published in Phys. Rev. D 96 (2017) no.5, 051901
 [PDF]  -
 SI-HEP-2017-01 Inclusive Semitauonic B Decays to Order Λ QCD3/mb3
 Author:   Thomas Mannel, Aleksey V. Rusov, Farnoush Shahriaran
 Comments: Published in Nucl.Phys. B921 (2017) 211-224


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